House in Tuscany

House in Tuscany

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Find Cortona Vacation Rentals on FlipKey

Welcome to Casa del'Artiste! A thirteenth century townhouse ideally located in the heart of beautiful Tuscany in the historic hilltown of Cortona. Featured in the October, 2004 issue of "Ville & Casale", this jewel-like house with outstanding character, elegance and style has been lovingly restored using local artisans and stonemasons, paying particular attention to preserving it's charming characteristics, while also offering all modern conveniences. Accommodating up to four people and nestled against the Etruscan wall surrounding the town (dating back to the 2nd century BC), it is moments away from the central piazza. All amenities including grocery stores, gift and clothing stores, art galleries, the park with swimming pool, movie theater, cafes, churches and museums are only minutes away.

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View from the living room in the morning fog. Church of St. Maria delle Grazie at the Calcinaio (XV Century)


The lounge with fireplace


Kitchen with wood burning fireplace. Fully equipped with dishwasher and washing machine